General Kingston

16 Jul 1928 - 28 Feb 2007


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Didn’t it used to be the "Morning Calm Chapter"?  Why change a perfectly good and appropriate Chapter name to that of some retired General?  Well, Robert C. Kingston, affectionately known to his troops as "Barbed Wire Bob", isn’t just "some retired general".  He is a very special soldier who first distinguished himself here in Korea as a young Lieutenant well North of the DMZ.  As a matter of interest, only a relatively small handful of American soldiers made it all the way to the Yalu River that divides China from the North Korea.  If any U.S. Korean War Veteran tells you that he "pissed in the Yalu" then he was either with the 17th Infantry, 7th Division, or with Task Force Kingston!  ...unless of course he was a POW and did so as his last great act of defiance as he crossed from North Korea into China - God rest his soul.

As Commander, Task Force Kingston, 20-28 November 1950, this young 2nd Lieutenant demonstrated a combination of leadership and courage which has seldom been exceeded in our nation’s long history.  You must read the excerpt below "Masters of the Art of Command" to fully appreciate what this young officer accomplished in 20- 40 below zero weather!  This one action alone should be enough to convince any soldier, particularly combat veterans of the Korean War, that we picked the right name for our Korean Chapter.

Read the excerpts below and see why we changed the name of our Chapter to honor one of the greatest soldiers of our time, one to whom every member of today's Special Operations community as well as those to come owes an everlasting debt of gratitude.

Masters of the Art of Command
Kingston Wins the British Red Beret
Kingston's 1st Tour in Vietnam
Kingston at the JCRC